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The population in western countries is aging and the same situation is true in the Czech

Republic. Many challenges come along with this trend for both, the commercial and nonprofit 

sectors, or the government. Older people have different needs, which are often not met. At the 

same time, we are struggling with so-called ageism that discriminates against older people. 

There is a need to research their world in order to better understand what seniors want and 



For the first time in the last century, our children will perhaps not live to an older age than we do.

People in western countries suffer and die of diseases that can be largely prevented by a change in lifestyle. Often they are talking about this issue, but how is it perceived by consumers 

themselves? What does healthy lifestyle mean to them? What can help them to achieve better 


Financial crisis in the Czech republic:
Project The Future of Czech republic 

For many people in the Czech Republic, the present means a struggle against an economic crisis. Although there are opinions that there was no crisis at all or that the situation has been exaggerated by media, there are in fact only a few people who have not experienced the crisis in their everyday life. Many people have lost their jobs and are not able to get another. They struggle with their incomes and expenses. They experience an escalated atmosphere at work, or simply do not think about their future and old age. The research study Future of the Czech Republic is mapping the impact of the crisis on the lives of Czech consumers, on their incomes, expenses and the way they think about it.


Examples of our Themes

Marketing for people 

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